Road to GSoC 2016

This is a short story about my road to Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016. I didn’t know about GSoC until I attended an event that Stephanie and Cat, admins for the program, spoke at.

The event took place right before the GSoC student application deadline, so I had to act quickly. I researched the organizations and projects immediately after I got home from the event. I was nervous about choosing a project. So many projects and requirements!

After many hours, I finally decided to write a proposal for KDE’s Neverland Theme Builder. I still don’t think my proposal is good enough, but it was accepted.

GSoC didn’t take me as much time as I thought it would, but sometimes I still felt burnt out. During that time I read about mental illness and discovered Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI). I think mental illness is a shadow part of the IT industry and we, as students, haven’t yet learned how to deal with the stress of real (paid) projects.

In the end I passed the final evaluation. Now I’m working with KDE on a new project!

Thanks to the Google Summer of Code I learned a lot. Thank you to the Google Open Source Team for hosting this program.

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