Gsoc 2016 Neverland #8 #9

I spent almost a week to refactoring the code. I’m using ES6 syntax and it is supporting class inheritance. One of my concern is Javascript is prototype-based object oriented programming. I’m still not sure about using Class or Prototype inheritance in Neverland. I havent decided yet so there are still redundant parts in the code base.

For the last few days, I have been playing with Electron to see if I could build a desktop version of Neverland. I though it could be awesome if it could intergrate with Atom editor. Unfortunately I found this answer:

Another part of this project is writing document. I think every developer really want good documentation but a few can write well. And I know I’m not good too:

Gsoc 2016 is going to the end. For these coming weeks, I will write Drupal theme builder, clean up the code base and improve the docs.

Thanks for reading.



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