Gsoc 2016: Sum up

This blog post summarizes my summer working for Neverland Theme Builder project.

I think GSoC is a good experience which many students are looking for. I knew about GSoC 2016 late and I thought I wasnt accepted. But finally I made it here.

For me, NodeJs wasn’t new. I had used Node for some pet projects but Neverland was a different story. It was the first time I built a big app with Node and adopted many new technologies.

Actually Gsoc didnt take me a lot of time but sometimes I still feel burnt out for some reasons. I read a blog post of another Kde – Gsoc student and she also mentioned about the stressful and depression. I think it is shadow part of the IT industry. And we student havent learnt how to deal with it (stress) yet when it comes to real (paid) projects.

My mentor said: “IT is not the best for fighting depressions. All those countless hours in front of the screen, alone”. I think what he said is true and that why we need a better working condition caring about our mental health. Btw, he is really a good mentor and definitely a teacher. You can seek out for his help not only about IT. Highly recommend him for other Gsoc Students of Kde. You can ping him (neverendingo) on kde-www  :*

I hope I can pass this final 😀

Thanks for reading


Gsoc 2016 Neverland #10

Hi. GsoC 2016 is going to end soon.

As I said in the previous post, I’ve just finished Drupal builder.


Now you can quickly build themes for drupal, mediawiki and wordpress from static html files.

I had a problem when working with drupal as well as some others is their documentation. I think it provides a lot of information but it isnt well structured. And I think it should have a tutorial about theming.

When I was working with drupal, its cache didnt clear even after I turned on development mode, disabled the twig template cache. I still had to go to admin and cleared the cache manually. I dont know it is a bug or default functionality.

I have to go to school from this week so I will try to clean code, write a blog post about my work, let my mentor check my work and finish GSoC 2016 early.

Thanks for reading.

Gsoc 2016 Neverland #8 #9

I spent almost a week to refactoring the code. I’m using ES6 syntax and it is supporting class inheritance. One of my concern is Javascript is prototype-based object oriented programming. I’m still not sure about using Class or Prototype inheritance in Neverland. I havent decided yet so there are still redundant parts in the code base.

For the last few days, I have been playing with Electron to see if I could build a desktop version of Neverland. I though it could be awesome if it could intergrate with Atom editor. Unfortunately I found this answer:

Another part of this project is writing document. I think every developer really want good documentation but a few can write well. And I know I’m not good too:

Gsoc 2016 is going to the end. For these coming weeks, I will write Drupal theme builder, clean up the code base and improve the docs.

Thanks for reading.