Gsoc 2016 Neverland #3

I tend to write a blog post every Thursday but I was late this week.

Two weeks have passed. Here is what Neverland can do for now:

  • Create a new theme:
  • Delete a theme:
  • Compile sass for a theme:
  • “Watch” a theme, but for some reasons it doesnt output the stdout from BrowserSync:
    in order to see the output, you have to run gulp:

It runs but still  need a lot of works to clean the code.

And  I was facing the harder part: how to organize the default WordPress theme. I has been thinking of the WP default themes: tweentyfourteen, tweentyfifteen, tweentysixteen … ? It was so confused so I was coming to ask my Jedi Master and his answer was:
“I would probably more base it on a framework based theme”
“What is a `framework based theme` ?”
“Like underscores, or something more specific, like sage

It was the first time I’ve ever heard about them. Sounds interesting.
Sage is more than a theme. It adopts many modern development tools like Sass, Gulp, Bower and it’s DRY. On the other hand, Underscore is just a starting simple theme.

“Your choice” he said.

It’s for this week.

p/s: I’ve just won a LaraconUS 2016 ticket but I dont have enough money to go. If you are interested, leave your email here 😉LaraconUS2016



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