Gsoc 2016 Neverland #2

I have been spending about one week thinking about how I should structure the templates and the themes, so you can build themes for WP, Drupal … with only one Html theme.

“It’s the hardest part” my mentor said. And if you can solve that problem, the rest will be easier.

At first I tried to find a “clean way”. I think it’s hard at the moment so I have just changed my mind. I  seperate a theme into many parts like hearder, navbar, footer … like the current Neverland does. I have a folder called architect and I put skeleton files in here. When an user want to make a new theme, they can run a command like node neverland new theme.
And the flow is: you run build command, it calls the architect, the architect reads the blueprints, and tell the workers how to build, and finally put the results in building folders.

During the creation of neverland command, I found an interesting node package . It’s useful for making command line tool.

It’s for this week.


2 thoughts on “Gsoc 2016 Neverland #2

  1. Filipe Saraiva says:

    Good luck in your project Minh, I would like to use a neverland-style theme in my personal blog. 🙂

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