Gsoc 2016 Neverland #1

So it started.

After recovering from the “marathon” final exams (4 subjects a week), I’m getting back to Neverland.

One crazy idea which about building Neverland again from scratch is naming folders. I call it “crazy” because I was thinking about Neverland and Peter Pan story. Yes !!! I pretended naming the folders like Tinker Bell, Hook …

Of course it’s just my imagination. My first commit on gsoc branch is almost folder structure. Now it’s more express.

Before taking the next step, I considered reading the old source code again. And I’ve discovered some problems with some packages. As I had a chatting with my mentor about npm ecosystem, it is growing quickly and yet npm packages arent fully mature. Some packages are out of date or unmaintained or having new version (it’s fast too).

The core package is which we are using is Gulp – a common package for frontend dev. We had to choose whether gulp3 or gulp4. Finally the answer was gulp3 and we are ready to update to gulp4 anytime.

And for some deprecated packages, we are looking for another packages or finding a way to hack around.


Meeting GSoC Students

I met some GSoC students in my city this afternoon.

Suddenly we are from the same university (HUST)

We’ve became friend quickly.

Good memory.

GSoC 2016 – I made it

On April 23, I received the Congratulation mail from Google.

I hadnt known about the GSoC until this event

As you can see, that event took place right before the GSoC student application deadline. After going home from the event, I was researching a lot about the organizations and projects. I was nervous about choosing a project.  So many projects and requirements …

After hours and hours, I finally decided to writing a proposal for this project:
For now I still think my proposal isnt good enough.

My mentor, Ingo, is very kind and he’ve helped me so much till now. His story about this project is also interesting .

My proposal has been accepted. I was happy and suprised.

Now let’s your code rock the summer.